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Karim's Path Forward for DC

Safer Streets
& Better Transit

Karim believes in an equitable Vision Zero which transforms residents’ relationship with transportation.

We can make DC a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly city AND protect access for senior citizens and religious communities. Karim Marshall is geared toward eliminating the unsafe conditions that lead to pedestrian and traffic fatalities. We can invest our resources to build infrastructure which will protect residents and decrease dangerous driving in our communities in a way that includes the needs of all residents. His vision for DC consists of a city that creates shareable roads through incentives, not just fines and tickets. Karim is dedicated to actively collaborating with communities and DDOT to achieve the best outcomes for all communities. If you are a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver, you deserve safe and predictable road conditions. Safer streets will save lives and keep our families whole.


DC has the tools available to end transportation inequities. Karim's focus will be to ensure that every resident has access to a public transit system that is clean, safe, and affordable.

  • Fully fund an equitable plan to expand the Benning Road Streetcar, enhance bus reliability, and expand Circulator service to transit-starved communities.

  • Connect, color-code, and consistently structure bike lanes that allow for access by seniors and religious communities.

  • Reform the relationship between DDOT and the communities they are meant to serve.

  • Reduce fines and fees that disproportionally impact Black and brown communities.

  • Improve the reliability of WMATA to encourage more widespread use.

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