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Karim's Path Forward for DC

Equitable and Adaptive Education Systems

As a father, Karim believes every family in DC deserves access to a quality education that allows them to control their destiny.

He will fight for a city-wide strategic plan to provide a quality education for our learners, from early childhood development to adults seeking entrepreneurial skills. Karim will empower our youth with opportunities to successfully create, build, and maintain their businesses or participate in vocational/trade work. Karim will ensure that District schools fix chronic overcrowding and underfunding. He will fight for a quality system that reduces travel times for families and safer routes to schools for everyone. Karim will work tirelessly to make our schools a place staff, students, and parents feel welcome and safe.

  • Promote accessible city-wide after-school tutoring programs.

  • Reestablish a DC Council Committee on Education.

  • Revive DC’s Vibrant Vocational Education Campuses.

  • Advance an equity-based funding formula to stabilize historically underfunded schools in Wards 7 and 8.

  • Provide public and public charter school children with enough resources to succeed in the classroom and the world.

  • Support the development and parental choice of high-quality public middle schools in all eight wards.

  • Fund and mandate essential school staff like counselors, psychologists, nurses, and librarians.

  • Work collaboratively with government education entities and advocacy groups to advance a comprehensive and inclusive vision for education.

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