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Meet Karim

My Story is a DC Story

As a third-generation Washingtonian, I was raised in the District when living on the east side of Rock Creek Park meant you had fewer opportunities. While this city has drastically changed since then, that dividing line of opportunity hasn’t been erased, it’s just been pushed east to the Anacostia River. 

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I was blessed with great teachers and caring mentors that reached into my life and led me to great opportunities that weren’t normally open to my peers.  I was fortunate to attend Banneker High School, which set me up to attend an Ivy League college and then go on to law school. 

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I came back to serve the community that gave me so many opportunities. And as a public servant, I wrote landmark environmental and transportation laws, I helped create affordable housing, and I led efforts to push for a more equitable District government. I know how to be a reliable partner and an ally.

I know that what we share, from Brookland to Bellevue, from Shepherd Park to Cleveland Park, is that we all want a better future for our families. We want leaders that are at the forefront of responsible public safety. We want leaders that support our teachers and invest in our students. And we want leaders that prioritize more affordable housing. We deserve a better government that works. 

I believe we can build a city that protects our families, provides for our seniors, and opens doors of opportunity for the next generation. Whether your family came here in the Great Migration, or during the Obama Administration, we all want a community where families feel confident that they can put down roots without worrying about the safety of their neighborhood. I believe we can build equitable vibrant neighborhoods across the city. 

Watch: Why I'm Running for DC Council

Together. We can work to make the lives of District residents better. Together. I know we can build back our city. Please join me as I run to make a better DC for all. This November 8th, cast one of your two At-Large votes for Karim D. Marshall (I) – Independent, for DC Council, At-Large. 

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