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Karim's Path Forward for DC

An Environmentally Just DC

Karim is the only candidate with a proven history of advancing environmental justice. 

As the next At-Large Councilmember, Karim will be able to ensure that issues of environmental protection, clean energy, and sustainability will remain a priority of this government. As a former Legislative Director for the Department of Energy and Environment, he has the familiarity and understanding of the issues that face the District along with the knowledge of global best practices that will guarantee that DC is THE model city for environmental justice. Karim knows that true environmental justice isn’t just the mitigation of current harm but the affirmative repair of past harms.

  • A Fully Electric Future with widespread Solar generation and Battery storage.

  • A Certified lead-free city.

  • Equitable and dependable zero-emission private and public transportation.

  • Advancing curbside composting and circular product reuse.

  • Complete elimination of the use of fossil fuels in our energy mix.

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