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Karim's Path Forward for DC

Build More and Diversify DC’s Housing Stock

DC needs more housing at ALL income levels and sizes. Every day more families are priced out of DC because our housing market has failed. There simply isn't enough available move-in-ready housing.

Karim believes we need to create better rental and purchase options by increasing the supply of homes ready for habitation. He is the only candidate in the race with the experience to provide comprehensive reform to our housing market. He will protect affordability, protect renters, and find innovative solutions to help building managers keep living spaces safe and up-to-code. Karim also believes in using all the tools available to create housing, such as building more low-income, social, and workforce housing so single renters, college students, middle-income, fixed-income seniors, and large families can afford to live and stay in our city.

  • Preserve existing Black wealth through reforming the estate and tax codes to keep family homes within the family as a productive asset.

  • Reform locally funded programs to provide an allowance for the student loan debt of applicants.

  • Eliminate inefficiency and duplication in the permit process.

  • Transform historically vacant units into profoundly affordable housing.

  • Improve tenant protections to advance the health and safety of tenants.

  • Support the advancement of new and innovative housing strategies.

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