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Karim's Path Forward for DC

Effectively Target Public Safety

Karim knows we must expand our toolkit to prevent and reduce the occurrence of crime. 

He believes that the conversation about the number of police is reductive and avoids the fundamental question of how we build healthy communities that keep residents safe by being tough on the causes of crime. Karim is ready to tackle public safety with a holistic approach, encouraging accountability and moving us towards a society where police are not used as a universal response to every issue. Acknowledging and addressing the root causes of crime, such as mental health, drug addiction, and generational poverty - Karim believes our public safety systems should work together with DC residents to provide solutions that fit each neighborhood.

  • Work with all stakeholders to create a unified District plan on public safety (unifying the vision of the executive, legislature, attorney general, USAO, communities, and all other relevant partners).

  • Fully staff and facilitate 24/7 mental health crisis response.

  • Review MPD Operations to its Mission.

  • Prioritize the recruitment and hiring of police officers from the communities they aim to serve.

  • Provide enhanced incentives for current police officers to move into the DistrictUnify DC’s Violence Interrupters Programs.

  • Interdict interstate gun traffickers.

  • Provide a holistic approach to custodial youth rehabilitation that addresses the needs of each child and heals their family environment before release.

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